Your Safety During Covid

Your Safety During Covid

Here at Power Plumbing and Heating the safety of you, your family and your business is our top priority. We have taken many steps to help protect our customers and our employees during this pandemic.


Each of our employees have been given several masks to wear whenever we enter your home or place of business.


All of our vehicles have plenty of hand sanitizer and bleach wipes to keep our work tools and areas clean.


We have a new pair of gloves for each new call and they are changed frequently.


We are excited to have received a shipment of stickers with our logo on them. While we have always sealed our envelopes with a sponge, our customers can now find reassurance that their invoices are sent in envelopes that have been sealed with a sticker. No licking the envelopes here!

Our employees are encouraged to stay home when they are sick and we are asking all our customers to please notify us if they are unwell so we can reschedule our visit to another time.

If you have any questions regarding our safety protocols, please do not hesitate to contact us. 519-245-1900